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The English Nature grant scheme for Local Nature Reserves involved local communities in the improvement, care and enjoyment of their local environment. Find out more by clicking here.

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In 2001 English Nature awarded Rye Harbour Nature Reserve a grant for a project totalling £15,000 that helped volunteers to participate in its management.

Our project was called:

Volunteers make a difference at Rye Harbour Local Nature Reserve

Volunteers provide information to visitors

To improve the quality of information offered to visitors by volunteers at Lime Kiln Cottage Information Centre we developed the following;

  • touch screen, digital video camera and remote camera - to provide electronic information at Lime Kiln Cottage Information Centre
  • colour guide to LNR - 20,000 copies to distribute from Lime Kiln Cottage Information Centre and at events.
  • display stands, leaflet dispensers.

Volunteers help to manage special habitats

To improve the transport, tools and training available to volunteers on our regular workparties.

  • tools: for weeding islands, controlling sallow invading reedbeds, collecting litter, maintaining fences, controlling thistles and ragwort.
  • training: to improve volunteer safety and effectiveness.

The New Opportunities Fund distributes National Lottery money to health, education and environment projects across the UK. The Fund works with national, regional and local partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors to fund initiatives, with particular focus on the needs of those who are disadvantaged in society. The £125 million Green Spaces and Sustainable Communities programme is funding projects designed to help urban and rural communities throughout the UK understand, improve or care for their environment. The Fund has appointed 12 Award Partners to distribute funding through schemes designed to promote access to green spaces of educational, recreational or environmental value to the community. New Opportunities Fund contact details: Press Office: 020 7211 1888, mobile 07867 500572. Public Enquiries Line: 0845 0000 121. Full details of the new Opportunities Fund programmes and grant awards are available on the website: www.nof.org.uk. All Lottery Distributing Bodies are accessible through www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk.