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Wild Rye: Discover Our Wetland Wildlife

Black-tailed Skimmer dragonfly


1 June 2015

May was wet and windy

href=“http://www.netweather.tv/” target=”_blank”>Weather

From Hastings Meteorological Station (normal value in brackets)
January 2015
Sunshine 70.7 hours (64.3)
Mean maximum temp. 8.4 C (6.9)
Mean minimum temp. 3.2 C (2.6)
Rainfall 148.7 mm. (71.5)
Gale or stronger 6 day (2.1)
February 2015
Sunshine 114.6 hours (84.3)
Mean maximum temp. 8.0 C (7.1)
Mean minimum temp. 2.5 C (2.4)
Rainfall 67.5 mm. (52.7)
Gale or stronger 0 day (0.9)
March 2015
Sunshine 166.8 hours (133.0)
Mean maximum temp. 10.5 C (9.1)
Mean minimum temp. 4.4 C (3.5)
Rainfall 22.0 mm. (50.7)
Gale or stronger 2 day (0.8)
April 2015
Sunshine 254.2 hours (179.0)
Mean maximum temp. 13.9 C (11.9)
Mean minimum temp. 6.2 C (5.3)
Rainfall 5.9 mm. (47.0)
Gale or stronger 0 day (0.3)
May 2015
Sunshine 214.4 hours (228.7)
Mean maximum temp. 15.0 C (15.4)
Mean minimum temp. 9.3 C (8.4)
Rainfall 77.2 mm. (44.9)
Gale or stronger 2 day (0.3)

Weather Rye Bay
© meteogroup.com

19 May 2015

Latest Wildlife News

There are two places to get the very latest wildlife news for the Nature Reserve:

Our Facebook Page


16 May 2015

Waders and videos

The wading birds have been good for many months and we have captured some video and sound with trail cameras carefully positioned around various pools. If you want to view them visit our YouTube page by clicking here. There are more than 100 videos on a range of nature reserve subjects.

1 May 2015

Solar Energy

The Friends of the Nature Reserve installed solar panels in July 2013 to provide renewable energy for an office and an electric vehicle (that the Friends also funded in Jan 2013) and surplus electricity goes back into the grid.
Electricity Generated
April 15 – 535 KwH
March 15 – 352 kWh
February 15 – 170 kWh
January 15 – 81 kWh
December 14 – 70 kWh
November 14 – 80 kWh
October 14 – 232 kWh
September 14 – 408 kWh
August 14 – 516 kWh
July 14 – 571 kWh
June 14 – 607 kWh
May 14 – 544 kWh
April 14 – 525 kWh
March 14 – 421 kWh
February 14 – 312 kWh
January 14 – 86 kWh
December 13 – 64 kWh
November 13 – 111 kWh
October 13 – 230 kWh
September 13 – 383 kWh
August 13 – 578 kWh
Lifetime energy – 6.8 MWh
CO2 emissions saved – 2669kg
Installed 27th July 2013

10 February 2015

Marshmallow Success !

Back in 1999 we started a project to increase the number of Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) plants to secure their future and to attract the endangered Marsh Mallow Moth (Hydraecia osseola) to breed. It has been a long time, involving many volunteers, but last September the first adult moth was located within the 2200+ flowering spikes at Castle Water. So a big thank-you to all who have helped.

Over several years we collected seed from the few plants growing at Castle Water and Castle Farm and distributed them to volunteers and to Plumpton College to grow in pots. Then the plants were planted out on workparties, mostly at Castle Water but also at other sites around the Nature Reserve. We also scattered seed in suitable wetland areas. The plants did well very quickly, but it’s taken much longer for the moths to find them suitable.

The Moth has a very restricted distribution in UK with several sites on Romney Marshes and one in North Kent. This has been the subject of a Butterfly Conservation project funded by Natural England. Find out more about the moth by clicking here or the plant by clicking here

14 January 2015

A Special Place

We have been selected as the The Wildlife Trusts’ Special Place of the week – click here to see

7 January 2015

Better habitat = more birds

The New Year is a good time to reflect on the long term changes in the wildlife that we are managing. It’s also the time to start writing our annual report for the Environment Agency land which forms the southern part of the Nature Reserve and is leased to Sussex Wildlife Trust.
In the graphs below three periods have been chosen and the mean monthly peak counts of birds for those years plotted. It is clear that there has been an increase in numbers of these birds… and the habitat is still getting better every year!
1995-2002 = the years when Rye Harbour farm was arable and the electric fences on the Beach Reserve were not so effective.
2003-11 = arable ceased when EA bought the farm for the sea defence improvements and the new fences provided safer roosting sites, especially for Golden Plover and several new pits were created to build the new sea defence.
2012-14 = after the sea was let in to recreate the saltmarsh habitat and many new islands were created.

4 January 2015

Top Attraction in Rye

The Nature Reserve is the number 1 attraction in Rye and 12th best in East Sussex according to tripadvisor. Read some interesting reviews by clicking here of what our visitors think of their visit and perhaps add yours…

1 January 2015

December was warm and sunny


From Hastings Meteorological Station (normal value in brackets)
January 2014
Sunshine 70.6 hours (60.4)
Mean maximum temp. 10.1 C (6.9)
Mean minimum temp. 4.9 C (2.5)
Rainfall 167.8 mm. (70.8)
Gale or stronger 4 days (2.1)
February 2014
Sunshine 113.8 hours (84.1)
Mean maximum temp. 10.0 C (7.1)
Mean minimum temp. 5.1 C (2.4)
Rainfall 138.7 mm. (52.7)
Gale or stronger 10 days (0.9)
March 2014
Sunshine 175.9 hours (132.6)
Mean maximum temp. 12.6 C (9.1)
Mean minimum temp. 5.2 C (3.4)
Rainfall 29.5 mm. (50.8)
Gale or stronger 0 days (0.8)
April 2014
Sunshine 199.3 hours (179.0)
Mean maximum temp. 14.7 C (11.9)
Mean minimum temp. 8.0 C (5.3)
Rainfall 37.2 mm. (47.0)
Gale or stronger 0 days (0.3)
May 2014
Sunshine 229.5 hours (228.7)
Mean maximum temp. 15.8 C (15.4)
Mean minimum temp. 9.9 C (8.4)
Rainfall 40.3 mm. (45.0)
Gale or stronger 2 days (0.3)
June 2014
Sunshine 279.3 hours (232.4)
Mean maximum temp. 19.3 C (18.1)
Mean minimum temp. 12.1 C (11.2)
Rainfall 16.6 mm. (46.8)
Gale or stronger 0 days (0.2)
July 2014
Sunshine 269.1 hours (229.7)
Mean maximum temp. 22.2 C (19.9)
Mean minimum temp. 15.3 C (13.2)
Rainfall 57.1 mm. (53.7)
Gale or stronger 0 days (0.1)
August 2014
Sunshine 250.7 hours (218.0)
Mean maximum temp. 20.3 C (21.8)
Mean minimum temp. 13.4 C (13.5)
Rainfall 145.1 mm. (58.8)
Wettest day was 25th with 50.2mm
Gale or stronger 0 days (0.2)
September 2014
Sunshine 185.2 hours (168.5)
Mean maximum temp. 20.6 C (18.3)
Mean minimum temp. 12.1 C (11.8)
Rainfall 2.6 mm. (62.5)
Gale or stronger 0 days (0.6)
October 2014
Sunshine 125.7 hours (123.8)
Mean maximum temp. 17.3 C (14.6)
Mean minimum temp. 11.9 C (8.9)
Rainfall 115.2 mm. (89.1)
Gale or stronger 1 day (1.2)
November 2014
Sunshine 62.0 hours (76.8)
Mean maximum temp. 12.9 C (10.6)
Mean minimum temp. 9.1 C (5.5)
Rainfall 123.7 mm. (88.8)
Gale or stronger 1 day (1.5)
December 2014
Sunshine 87.7 hours (58.0)
Mean maximum temp. 9.4 C (7.9)
Mean minimum temp. 3.8 C (3.4)
Rainfall 68.8 mm. (81.3)
Gale or stronger 6 day (2.0)

18 December 2014

Another Survey

Here is a new visitor survey that we would like visitors to fill in…
Click here to go to the survey

6 December 2014

Beach Cleaned

A BIG THANK-YOU … to all 52 volunteers who cleaned up the 5km length of our beach today from Rye Harbour village to Winchelsea Beach. We had glorious sunny and calm weather, so it was a great day to be by the seaside and for a while it’s probably the cleanest beach in the world. Collecting about 100 bags of plastic litter washed in from the sea, there were the usual blue rubber gloves, rope, netting and water bottles. But there were also numerous dog poo bags left by lazy dog walkers. So, we now have about 12 cubic metres of waste that we will dispose of responsibly.

3 December 2014

What's On 2015 Leaflet

Details of our 75 public events for next year are listed on this website (links on the left), but you can download our What’s On 2015 leaflet by clicking here
The paper version is now available from Lime Kiln Cottage.

25 November 2014

Extra Lichen Walk

Following on from last Saturday’s talk on lichens, Keith Palmer will be leading a short walk in Rye Harbour village to look at lichens on 13th December. Meet at 10am in the car park by the Martello Tower to look at lichens on the fence there, then walking to the churchyard to look for other species, finishing about mid-day.

23 November 2014

Christmas Card

This is the Friends Christmas card, showing a snowy scene of Rye Harbour church. They are A6 size and come in packs of 5 for £2.50 and are available from Lime Kiln Cottage or at our indoor events. Please use our contact page to enquire about postage.

14 November 2014

Landscaping completed

The landscaping of the Flat Beach area between the Gooders and Denny Hides is now complete and the 25 new islands are being well used by birds, including hundreds of Lapwing and Golden Plover and for several days this week a Purple Sandpiper. We hope this makes your birdwatching even more interesting.

29 October 2014

More Landscaping

The excavator working out on the Flat Beach (between the Denny and Gooders hides) is creating new islands to improve the success of nesting birds such as Little and Common Terns, Oystercatchers and Ringed Plovers. It will also provide more safe roosting places for wading birds such as Golden Plover and Lapwing.

The project has the support of Sussex Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency and Natural England, and is being funded by the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

28 October 2014

Free money? Yes please!

Did you know you don’t have to spend anything to start raising money for Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve? Some retailers will make FREE donations if you register with their website, sign up to their mailing list or participate in a free trial. You can raise funds for Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve without spending anything! Simply click here and click on the Free Donations page for more details.

13 October 2014

RX Bird Race Results

Yesterday 7 teams searched for birds from Hastings to Rye to Dungeness and came up with 124 species! The winning team “Pannel Beaters” found 97 species. Team “Hidebound” only searched from Rye Harbour car park to the river mouth and saw 69 species! This was a fund raising event and more than £800 was shared by RSPCA Mallydams and the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.
Special thanks goes to Feathers Wild Bird Care – Salehurst, Friends of Hastings Country Park, Avocet Gallery and Tea Room at Rye Harbour and Bosun’s Bite Cafe at Rye Harbour for providing Raffle Prizes.
Read more detail by clicking here

6 September 2014

Our Facebook Page

You can see more photos and get more information and give your feedback on our Facebook page which currently has over 700 subscribers… so click here to find out what you’re missing

28 August 2014

1066 Walking Festival

This is the first walking festival for 1066 Country featuring walks to suit all ages and abilities over the 1066 area. The 1066 Walking Festival will show just how much fun walking can be alongside the healthy aspects. From Saturday 4 to Friday 10 October there will be long and short walks to suit all tastes and fitness levels.
Click here for details

19 August 2014

RX Bird Race

This year’s fun birdwatching event will be on Sunday 12th October. Click here for more information

A sponsored bird spotting event in the Rye Bay area on Sunday 12th October 2014. In support of RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre & the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

See or hear as many bird species as you can in one day while visiting the amazing places and unique habitats of the RX area – from Hastings to Hythe. Followed by a social event at the Mallydams centre at the end of the day, with prizes awarded to winning teams, refreshments and a raffle to raise money for the two charities.

The event is open to teams of 2-5 participants. Amateur, Professional and Absolute Beginner bird watchers are welcome. A minimum team entry fee of £20 applies.

10 August 2014

Visiting Naturalist

Last week the author and naturalist Peter Marren visited the reserve in his mission to see all the flowering plants in Britain. His priorities here were the flowering Least Lettuce, Stinking Hawksbeard, Narrow-leaved Hempnettle, Saltmarsh Goosefoot, Perennial Glasswort and One-flowered Glassort, but he also enjoyed Slender Hare’s-ear, Rottingdean Sea-lavender, Wall Germander, Marsh Helleborine, Babbington’s Orache and Sea Pea. He wrote afterwards “… I have seldom seen a place so teeming with birds and interesting plants (not in GB anyway).”

2 May 2014

Online Survey

The Dungeness peninsular, including Rye Harbour, Camber, Dungeness Point and inland is a special place for wildlife. This survey is being carried out for Shepway and Rother District Councils and Natural England to help understand more about how visitors use the area and to help ensure that people can enjoy themselves and that nature continues to thrive.

PLEASE take 10 minutes to complete the survey by clicking here

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey. During the survey you will be asked about the sites you visit regularly. If you tell us about one site only the survey will take around 10 minutes, but will obviously take longer if you wish to tell us about more sites or want to add comments.

If you have any queries about this survey please contact survey@blackwoodbayne.co.uk

28 April 2014

So Many Good Friends

The steady progress for wildlife and people at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has depended a great deal on its supporters in the Friends group. Be it starting funds for big projects like land purchase of landscaping, or smaller projects like hides and machinery or vehicles and even some staff costs, the Friends have been there since 1973. A major milestone has just been achieved with the 2,000th member. A big thank-you to all our supporters and if you are not yet a Friend please click here

3 March 2014

Rabbits, Rabbits

There is good and bad in the Rabbits at Rye Harbour as discussed in a blog you can read by clicking here